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With the cheers of Chalfest’s wenches and knaves still ringing in their ears, the Dry Seaman plot a course to the Bath’s world-famous Bell Inn on Walcott Street. With the enthusiasm of a Tortugan Trollip embracing her blunderbuss-bristled brigand, the community pub will welcome the rum-revelled ruffians on 19th August. The Dry Seaman will be added to the annals of the Bell’s long history of live music, with scandalous, swashbuckling shanties as refreshing to the landlubbers of Bath as lime juice to a scurvy seadog.

Much to the dismay of the crew it will not be possible to drag their frigate through the narrow streets of Bath. As such a bus trip had been arranged that all are welcome aboard, however with only limited places expect to fight your way abroad pistol and sword, tooth and nail (or just first come first serve).



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